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Beach read gold: Would-Be Witch

December 14th, 2013    Posted in Fantasy, Fiction, Kelly, Urban Fantasy

When Tammy Jo’s locket is stolen during  a robbery at a Halloween party, its more than just the loss of a necklace. The ghost of her aunt, Edie, is tied to the locket. If she can’t get the necklace back soon, her aunt’s ghost will be lost forever.

She also runs into the mysterious (and handsome) Bryn Lyons at the party, and she knows she shouldn’t talk to him. The Lyons on the list of magical families she’s absolutely never to associate with.

But Tammy Jo’s latent magic ability finally emerges, and she needs to use it to find the locket and save Edie. Plus there’s an accidental zombie raising for her to deal with, and lots of werewolves. So what’s a girl to do but turn to the powerful Bryn Lyons? Even if Zach, her ex-husband, current boyfriend, and local police officer,  would prefer she only turn to him with her problems. Even if he doesn’t believe in magic or Edie.

If you’re looking for something breezy and fun, consider picking up the Southern Witches series by Kimberly Frost. Start with Would-Be Witch. It’s great for fans of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse / Southern Vampire series. The main character can be frustrating (especially her relationship with men), but she stands up for herself more and more as the series goes on. Plus she’s quirky. She feels real, like the friend you love even though she occasionally exasperates you. Plus, Tammy Jo has one of the best animal sidekicks ever.

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