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FreakAngels Volume 2

May 4th, 2011    Posted in 52 Books in one year challenge, Fiction, Graphic Novel, Kelly

FreakAngels V2I really enjoyed FreakAngels Volume One, which was a book recommended by my local library. The second volume picked up where the first left off, in the aftermath of a skirmish with raiders.

Volume Two continues to lay the groundwork for this series as it introduces the whole group of FreakAngels and shows the world. Regular girl and new addition Alice helps with this, as she gives an outsiders perspective to the world the FreakAngels have created. When she cries when eating a strawberry—she barely remembers the taste of fresh food—she serves as both a tie to the outer, non-Whitechapel world, an example of what has happened to regular people since the FreakAngels “ended” the world, and she shows what makes Whitechapel unique.

Like the first volume, this novel features gorgeous illustrations. The illustrator does an excellent job with the eyes of the FreakAngels. We see more of the FreakAngels’ powers, and as a group they also start on a new path towards responsibility and rebuilding.

Hopefully the library has Volume Three so I can continue the story! Although the whole series is available for free online.

Read by: Kelly

Title: FreakAngels Volume Two
Author: Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield
Source: Public Library
Read: May 2011




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FreakAngels: Volume One

April 2nd, 2011    Posted in 52 Books in one year challenge, Fantasy, Fiction, Graphic Novel, Kelly

FreakAngels: Volume One was a staff pick by my local library. I didn’t know the series is available online at until after I read this graphic novel. Two caveats before I start this review: one, I haven’t read the series in entirety, and I’m basing my review only on the first volume. Two, I haven’t read many graphic novels and so I’m evaluating this like any other novel I’ve read.

In the first panel we’re told:

22 Years ago, twelve strange children were born in England at exactly the same


6 years ago, the world ended.

This is the story of what happened next.

The story starts with KK waking up in bed next to a strange boy, and she can’t remember how she got there. As she’s looking out the window, hoping she didn’t sleep with a boy from Lambeth road (this becomes relevant later), a third person enters the story. Connor talks to her telepathically, telling her they have a situation. Connor and KK look alike, and one of the first things I noticed was Connor’s purple eyes. (I then realized KK’s eyes are purple as well.) The stage is set: these two can talk telepathically, and they have unusual eyes.

Conner’s dealing with a gun-wielding girl who’s wearing a Manchester United jersey, says “fook” a lot, and wants to kill the family of Mark Fox. Part of the story emerges in the dialogue: Mark looks like Connor, but they’re not related. They were born at the same time. The FreakAngels, but not Mark, live in Whitechapel.

As KK and Connor deal with the Man United girl problem, various FreakAngels are introduced. One of the FreakAngels grows strawberries “for all” and says it’s “the least he can do for having helped end the world.” Another has a harem, and yet another mans a watchtower. The illustrations helped me keep each character straight. Without the graphics, I think the number of characters would have confused me.

The novel definitely had an enjoyable story arc. The climax of the novel was exciting, and definitely showed some of the tension of the world. But I was left with questions. While I wouldn’t say this fully stands on its own as a novel, it did leave me interested to see how the story progresses. Luckily the library has volume two! I look forward to seeing how this world enfolds over time, and how, exactly, the FreakAngels destroyed the world.

On a genre side note, KK has a rather steampunk-esque flying motorcycle that uses steam power. But I wouldn’t really call this steampunk—more post-apocalyptic fantasy.






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