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More Amazing Scandinavian Crime Fiction: The Preacher by Camila Lackberg

October 8th, 2013    Posted in Crime, Fiction, Kelly, Mystery

I’m not ashamed to admit: I have a thing for Scandinavian crime fiction. When someone mentioned Camila Lackberg to me, I knew I had to find one of her books.

Twenty years ago in Fjallbacka, two young women disappeared. A local man was questioned, but committed suicide. The case was never closed.

Modern day: a six-year-old boy discovers the body of a young woman. Police find two skeletons with the girl, and all show the same pattern of injuries. Detective Patrik Hedstrom is on the case, and the stakes are raised when another 17-year-old girl disappears. He knows the killer tortures his victims before killing them, so he might be able to find the missing girl while she’s still alive. Meanwhile, Hedstrom’s romantic partner is expecting their first child.

The Preacher balances character development with action and plot. The question of how the ghosts of the past comes back to haunt the present is well-done.

I’ll definitely check out more of Lackberg’s work!


Title: The Preacher

Author: Camila Lackberg

Source: Purchased

Read: September 2013


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