The Very Thought of You

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verythoughtofyouSo far, 2011 has been the year of Yorkshire novels. The Red Riding Quartet shows the region at it’s darkest, while South Riding shows the region at a time of transition. The Very Thought of You by Rosie Alison is set in Yorkshire during World War II, and shows the spirit of England at its best as it rallied to protect their country.

During World War II, children were evacuated from the London to the countryside as a well-founded precaution to shield them from German bombings. The Very Thought of You follows the life of eight-year-old Anna Sands when she ends up at Ashton House, the fictional Yorkshire estate of Thomas and Elizabeth Ashton. The novel shifts perspective between various characters, including Anna’s mother back in London, the Ashtons, and other characters.

Thomas Ashton is wheelchair bound from polio, and his marriage with his beautiful wife is unraveling. Elizabeth Ashton expresses her desperation to have a child by drinking heavily. In London, Roberta feels guilty that Anna isn’t with her, but she’s also experiencing freedom from marriage and responsibility while enjoying her wartime position with the BBC. Meanwhile, Anna and the rest of the children on the Ashton Estate are growing up in a house that seems idyllic with it’s excellent education and caring teachers, yet they’re growing up without parents and individual attention.

The prose is beautiful, yet it relies on a telling voice to explain each characters emotions and actions.  Anna’s journey from eight-year to an unfulfilled wife and mother in her early thirties didn’t quite seem believable. Yet I still enjoyed reading this novel, and am happy I had the opportunity to do so.

Note: The Very Thought of You was nominated for an Orange award.

Read by: Kelly

Title: The Very Thought of You
Author: Rosie Alison
Source: ARC
Read: June 2011

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