FreakAngels Volume 2

May 4th, 2011 Posted in 52 Books in one year challenge, Fiction, Graphic Novel, Kelly

FreakAngels V2I really enjoyed FreakAngels Volume One, which was a book recommended by my local library. The second volume picked up where the first left off, in the aftermath of a skirmish with raiders.

Volume Two continues to lay the groundwork for this series as it introduces the whole group of FreakAngels and shows the world. Regular girl and new addition Alice helps with this, as she gives an outsiders perspective to the world the FreakAngels have created. When she cries when eating a strawberry—she barely remembers the taste of fresh food—she serves as both a tie to the outer, non-Whitechapel world, an example of what has happened to regular people since the FreakAngels “ended” the world, and she shows what makes Whitechapel unique.

Like the first volume, this novel features gorgeous illustrations. The illustrator does an excellent job with the eyes of the FreakAngels. We see more of the FreakAngels’ powers, and as a group they also start on a new path towards responsibility and rebuilding.

Hopefully the library has Volume Three so I can continue the story! Although the whole series is available for free online.

Read by: Kelly

Title: FreakAngels Volume Two
Author: Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield
Source: Public Library
Read: May 2011




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