Enter the matrix with Neuromancer

February 27th, 2011 Posted in 52 Books in one year challenge, Award-Winning, Fiction, Science Fiction

Neuromancer is considered the seminal work of cyperpunk literature. The novel starts out as former consul cowboy (i.e. hacker) Case survives in the black market of Chiba City, Japan. After stealing from his former partners, they dosed him with mycotoxin and he’s burned out. Literally. He can’t link up with cyberspace, and he’s desperate to find a cure.

Enter a sexy “razorgirl” Molly Millions and her mysterious boss Armitage. They repair Case’s nervous system in exchange for him agreeing to work for them . . . and to ensure he does, they implanted sacs of mycotoxin within his body. If he completes his work on schedule, Armitage will remove the sacs of poison. If Case doesn’t, the sacs will burst, crippling him. So off he goes with Armitage and Molly and the main action of the novel begins.

It’s important to view the novel in context, as it was published in 1984. Gibson coined the term cyberspace in his writing, and it’s easy to see how Neuromancer would have been cutting edge when published. I had issues getting into the novel, finding the language and terminology to be jarring. But I can definitely appreciate how momentous this novel is, and the impact it had on science fiction.

Necromancer won the “triple crown”: Nebula Award, the Hugo Award, and the Philip K. Dick Award.

Read by: Kelly

Title: Neuromancer
Author: William Gibson
Date read: February 2011
Source: Public Library


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