Hard Laughter By Anne Lamott

May 3rd, 2012 Posted in Fiction, Kim, Popular Fiction

Anne Lamott’s Hard Laughter follows narrator Jessica as she deals with her father’s diagnosis with cancer. The novel encompasses, quite beautifully, Jessica’s tumultuous personal life, her struggles to become a writer, and an apartment and psyche that are in various states of disarray.

This book was given to me by a friend who thought I’d like it and my only complaint was that I thought the voice was too wise for a twenty-something narrator. My friend smiled and said, “But Anne Lamott wrote it when she was in her twenties.” I will forever bow down to Anne Lamott. The prose is fantastic and funny and wise beyond its years. It does an impeccable job of examining how a family deals with the tragedy of cancer and the millions of small victories and losses throughout. Everything about this novel felt real, probably because it’s largely based off her own father’s struggle with cancer. It made me wonder about that ever-elusive line between fiction and nonfiction and left me desperately wondering how much–or how little–of herself Lamott left on the page.

There are writers who are special because of the way they see the world and others who are excellent in how they depict it. Anne Lamott is a true talent of both. Enjoy!

Reviewed by: Kim

Title: Hard Laughter

Source: Friend

Read: April 2012

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