Ghost on Black Mountain

October 13th, 2011 Posted in 52 Books in one year challenge, ARCs, Fiction, Kelly, Literary Fiction

Five women narrate the story of Nellie’s unfortunate marriage to Hobbs Pritchard in Ann Hite’s Ghost On Black Mountain.

Set during the backdrop of the depression, ghosts and a sense of magic is woven through the story. Seventeen year old Nellie meets Hobbs as she works in a soup kitchen, and she marries him despite her mother’s objections.

Hobbs takes Nellie home to Black Mountain, and his cruel nature is slowly revealed to Nellie. She also begins to see the ghosts of people Hobbs killed, and she has to decide: will she take action, or end up becoming a ghost herself?

Ghost on Black Mountain is great for fans of Southern fiction, paranormal stories, literary ghost stories, and Southern gothic. The sense of time and place is wonderful, and the writing will suck you from the first page until the last. The different narrators all bring a new perspective to the story.

Title: Ghost on Black Mountain
Author: Ann Hite
Date Read: September 2011
Source: E-Galley


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