The Secret Circle: Books V. TV Show. Part Two: summary of the TV show

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After her mother dies in a fire, Cassie moves in her grandmother in Chance Harbor, Washington. She quickly meets Faye, Nick, Melissa, and Adam, and almost dies with Faye lights her car on fire.

Diana explains to Cassie that they are all witches, and Cassie’s return to town has made them all more powerful. Cassie doesn’t believe her and runs off, but Adam shows her it’s the truth when they combine to do some lovely magic with water drops. With Cassie, they have a full coven of six and need to bind themselves together so they can control themselves.

Cassie isn’t interested, but steps in to stop a monsoon that Faye starts. Faye isn’t willing to let things go, and wants to experiment with her power. During a chemistry class, she makes Cassie’s beaker bubble despite not being on heat, and it explodes. Cassie turns around and makes Faye’s beaker explode, complete with flames.

Cassie freaks out over her growing uncontrolled powers, and agrees to bind the circle after Faye almost kills a classmate, Sally. (Technically, she did kill Sally, but magic brought her back to life. More on that later.)

Also of note: while Adam is dating Diana, he and Cassie clearly feel attracted to each other, and almost kiss several times.

Meanwhile, the parents have their own motives. Diana’s father is responsible for the death of Cassie’s mom, and he and Faye’s mother clearly have nefarious plans. Diana’s father threatens Adam’s drunk father, and Faye’s grandfather comes to town in response. The parents aren’t supposed to be able to do magic since his coven somehow stopped them from being able to after the big accident that killed several people (Faye’s father, Adam’s mother, etc.) Faye’s mother responds by using a crystal to force her father-in-law to have a heart attack. Presumably she kills him, which was interesting moral question hanging over her character since she saved Sally earlier that day. Although it’s safe to say the parents are generally evil.

The six teenagers meet on the beach to bind their coven, and that’s the end of the second episode.

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